How to effectively avoid Internet Troll Moments

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January 15, 2018
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January 15, 2018


In this day and age, the world is dominated by online content. Everywhere you go, almost everything you see can be traced back to a website. Walk into a restaurant, they ask you for website feedbacks. Need to go somewhere, book a cab online. Want to buy a new phone, check reviews online. Feel like going to a concert, book tickets online.

Social media is the place to be. They all began as platforms for people to converse remotely. And then, the commercial angle slowly made its way. Presently, the scenario has almost turned on its head. Besides being the hub of virtual social interactions, social media is also a high-value advertisement location.

However, the resulting amalgamation has given birth to evil in the form of Internet trolls. Every little slip-up, every minuscule mistake is brought under the microscope by the trolls and ridiculed to the absolute end of the line. It began as a source of entertainment, but now it stands to become an accessory for harassment. What does a respectable organization like yours need to do in order to steer clear of these virtual pests? Here we discuss some pointers for you to keep in mind.

Eyes are always following you:
Every time a customer walks into your store, visits your website, calls your company, etc., he or she will form an opinion, and quite possibly share it with the rest of the world. Every employee of yours has to know and understand this. You are “on stage” when you go to work, and you have to deliver your best. Always act like someone is watching.

Social Media training is important:
Unfortunately, there are many examples of employees inadvertently posting something that isn’t representative of the company they work for. Train employees to know when or if it’s OK to respond and what they can say as a representative of the brand. Be sure they are aware of the impact of real-time video that customers may take and post. Remember this: when you’re at work, you have an audience.

Never grab the phone:
If an incident is taking place and a customer takes out his or her phone to record a video, let it go. There are plenty of damaging videos of employees trying to grab the phone from a customer. Employees on the front line need to recognize that their reaction is being recorded.

The Internet can make life transparent, especially in business. It’s easy to read reviews, find comments and research a company based on customer opinions of a company’s products as well as the customer service it provides. We love it when people post positive statements about us. We must hold ourselves to a standard and a level of service that would elicit such reviews.

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