How to integrate your offline campaigns with your Digital channels?

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January 15, 2018


On one hand, online campaigns deliver precise targeting and provide accurate measurement of ROI and this makes it attractive. At the same time, consumers still spend a significant amount of time offline and the opportunity is too good to pass up.

This is a tricky line to tread for a marketer. The ideal middle path is to integrate your offline promotions with your digital initiatives that will ensure better monitoring of your campaigns.


Hashtags are among the most popular features to track the effectiveness of offline campaigns. TV commercials can be used to actively instigate viewers to express their support for a cause or to participate in a contest by posting specific hashtags on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. While the number of hashtags itself does not mean anything, there are several ways businesses benefit by tracking these hashtags.

Relative performance

The TRP system to calculate the number of viewers watching a TV channel at any given time is known to be quite inaccurate and meaningless. The frequency of hashtags posted immediately after your ad gets broadcast on a TV channel or radio station gives marketers a better idea about the relative performance of these various ad slots. This can give you a better idea about your marketing attempts.


Social media posts are a viral phenomenon. Sometimes all it takes for a campaign to go viral is for a few influencers to talk about your brand and use your hashtags. Because of the digital trail that social media posts leave behind, it is possible to accurately monitor the growth of a campaign from a handful of tweets into a trend. This digital trail also helps marketers identify the influencers who enabled this success of a campaign.

Custom Pages

Offline advertisements typically use both a phone number and a website URL for the interested prospect. Phone numbers work best when your business has only one product or service offering (plumbing, lawn mowing, etc.). For retail businesses that deal with products like apparels or sports gears, customers prefer checking out a website URL rather than calling up your business over the phone. Marketers may build sales pages with custom URLs that are only advertised on one particular ad channel. This way, it is possible to track visitors coming off any specific ad in a newspaper or magazine.

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