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Omni Digital Experience, Tiyo Canvas, India's Premier Digital Healthcare Solution Provider.
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May 7, 2014
Omni Digital Experience 2, Tiyo Canvas, India's Premier Digital Healthcare Solution Provider.

Omni Digital Experience 2, Tiyo Canvas, India's Premier Digital Healthcare Solution Provider.


Care experience management is made up of the processes a care provider uses to track, oversee and organize every interaction between a patient and the care giver throughout the patient life-cycle.

Care experiences include not only interactions through traditional channels, such as undertanding, care service requests and service center communications but also, increasingly, through social CRM channels such as Twitter and Facebook. To manage the care experience, care providers need to create a strategy that encompasses all patient touch points across the care organization.

How can you get more care seekers to help themselves, saving support representatives for the big issues?

Deploy support sites that offer guided assistance to relevant answers. When an care provider is needed, help is a click away with chat, click-to-call, and virtual assistance.

Tiyo’s Care Experience Management Solution helps you to manage your Patients’ needs, from anywhere, using any platform. Powered by our Mobility Stack developed for care providers, now manage your patients with ease of the managing your email.

Tiyo’s CX solution is build on the premise of:

Delighted care seekers drive growth. They engage more often and promote you. Unhappy care seekers defect as soon as possible; worse, they bad-mouth you and drive away business. To estimate how you’ll fare tomorrow, you need to know how your care seekers feel about you today.

With our CX Solution:
  • Replace higher cost support modes with self-service options.
  • Offer peer-to-peer support so care knowledge is widely available.
  • Share an ever-growing repository of commonly asked questions.
  • Give care seekers rapid closure with a results-oriented process.
  • Keep them informed along the way with progress updates.
  • Create categories so care seekers find just what they need.
  • Uncover and handle developing issues with real-time analytics.
  • Offer support where it’s most useful—a website or Facebook page, even in your own product.
  • Deliver support on any device.
  • Share care intelligence with colleagues in other areas of the business

Our solution gives you a comprehensive view of what is pending and what is being resolved real time, thus helping in managing the patient issues almost real time and it seamlessly plugs with our Omni Digital Experience Suite.


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