Omni Digital Experience Suite

Omni Digital Experience, Tiyo Canvas, India's Premier Digital Healthcare Solution Provider.
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May 7, 2014
Omni Digital Experience 1, Tiyo Canvas, India's Premier Digital Healthcare Solution Provider.

Omni Digital Experience 1, Tiyo Canvas, India's Premier Digital Healthcare Solution Provider.

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Our Omni Digital Experience Suite Consists of three key Systems:, i.e. Multichannel Content Experience, Marketing Experience Management and Social Experience Management.

Multichannel Content Experience
Build on Web and App.

Our Multi Channel Content Management System drives Growth.

Our flexible, feature-rich solutions help you get the most from your online channel. Our MCCM system is high performance, scalable solution for fast-growing healthcare businesses. Its built with enterprise-class features and the flexibility you need to create a solution tailored to your unique needs. And to help you drive right traffic to your web and app and convert browsers into care seekers and boost revenue.

Our content management platform integrates award-winning technologies to provide a single, powerful platform for managing web and app initiatives.

The solution provides:

Scalability: Meet the massive scalability and performance requirements of a healthcare solution provider.

Multichannel Solution: Publish content to multiple channels such as mobile, email, website, landing pages etc. Incorporate social and community features into existing sites to allow visitors and patients to share opinions, articles, and reviews.

Content Targeting: Target any type of content and tailor it to any type of visitor based on context, behaviour, geography, and profile data.

Rich Media Management: Integrate seamlessly with media library to transform, optimize, and consistently manage your rich media, including images, audio, and video.

Metadata Management: Work across the entire spectrum of use cases, from manually generating a fixed, corporate taxonomy to enforcing SEO policies for increasing online traffic, to dynamically generating taxonomy and automating the tagging of content.

Fast way to a responsive Website

Our solution accelerates your entry into the mobile space by slashing the time and cost of getting a mobile device-friendly responsive site.

Augment your Online Revenues

Our MCCM system helps you grow online revenue, with tools to attract more traffic, engage care seekers, drive conversion, delight and retain patieents. And it’s scalable to support your growth and increasing volumes of traffic and transactions.

Take Control

Our MCCM System puts you in control of the look, feel and functionality of your site, so you can project your brand and deliver a great online shopping experience. And you decide how to customize your site with extensions and extra features.


Your care seekers are using phones and tablets to browse and find solutions when they’re on the go, at work or relaxing at home. Our MCCM’s mobile features put your clinic, practice or hospital in their hands, so they can visit it whenever and wherever they like.

Grow and Scale

Expand into new markets and geographies, and support greater volumes while keeping your site secure. Our MCCM’s high performance architecture is scalable to support your growth and PA-DSS compliant to enable strong, secure transactions.

Scalable Solution

MCCM accommodates even the largest solution catalogs, visitor counts and transaction volumes flawlessly. It’s designed to massively scale with additional production servers, so you can grow and expand with confidence.

High Performance

MCCM is designed to support tens of thousands of transactions per hour, so your customers have a seamless care experience. It features advanced full-page caching and persistent bandwidth to for fast loading times.

Easy Backup’s

Manage and schedule back up operations with the option to roll back changes. Test new modules or customizations, back-up systems and databases, and databases and media.

With our Multi-Channel Content Management System:
  • Put your patients at the center of everything you do, creating happy care seekers for life.
  • Deliver consistent, connected experiences across every patient touch point. Seamlessly manage all your marketing efforts across every interaction, whether online, offline or on the go.
  • By having access to all your customer data in one place, you can discover new groupings of customers based on similar attributes that you’d never have imagined upfront, conduct data research to identify points of commonality, and drive highly targeted segmentations.
  • Deliver a unique web and app experience for every customer with our web and app content management.

"​Care with the power of the collective enterprise. Get every resource you need when you need it. Connect in real time with experts across your organization, collaborate and share winning practices to accelerate every stage of the Care Management Cycle”


Marketing Experience Management
Omni Channel Experience Manager

New age Marketers use targeting and segmentation solution that creates and manages individual profiles by capturing website visits, email responses, and form information. View summaries of behavioral data—your prospect’s Digital Behavior—in multiple ways depending on the audience.

The more targeted and relevant your marketing campaigns, the more people will engage and respond and the more revenue you will drive. Effective targeting starts with clean data and the ability to segment based on both who your prospects are and what they do. Maximizing message relevancy improves lead generation and decreases nasty unsubscribes.

Whether it’s managing marketing program ROI at a high level, or nurturing specific lead segments with targeted email campaigns, let Tiyo Marketing Cloud help you segment, communicate with, and record campaign performance and engagement down to who opened what email, so that you have the information you need to make better decisions.

Comprehensive lead views

Keep leads separate from sales-ready contacts, building profiles, interaction data, and launching targeted nurture campaigns. When they’re ready to interact with sales, hand them off and automatically create an opportunity with a single click, while keeping those that still need education in your lead nurture cycle.

Campaign tracking

Use Tiyo Marketing Cloud to build campaign portfolios, tracking campaign information, setting budgets, attaching documents, and associating leads to see a comprehensive view of all of your campaigns, associated leads or contacts, and performance at any time.

Bulk email campaigns

Building targeted campaigns is as easy as building a list from your leads and contacts, designing a template, and then scheduling it to run. Individual campaign engagement data is stored with each contact for sales to leverage in discussions, while aggregate analytics are available to close the loop and build higher performing campaigns.

Automatic lead capture

Where your leads come tells a lot about who they are. Design and embed forms on your web properties that automatically capture lead information in Tiyo Marketing Cloud, and use the workflows engine to enroll them in drip email campaigns, create records, or to assign them to team members for follow-up.

Reporting as deep as your data

Build and export reports that organize and filter virtually any data in Tiyo Marketing Cloud. Use it to close the loop on marketing and sales activities, improving the productivity of your business.​


Social Health Cloud
From Tiyo

Tiyo Social Cloud is a cloud service that helps you manage and scale your relationship with patients on social media channels. Tiyo has integrated the best-in-class social relationship management components – social talk, social blog, social network, social channel management and social analytics – into one unified cloud service to give you the most complete SRM solution for Individual Practices, Clinics and Hospitals.

Smarter Healthcare Solution Providers, working in collaboration with our Social Cloud Service can turn the mundane likes and conversations on their behalf.

SAAS Cloud for Social Media
1 Million Likes on Facebook! Does it mean anything
500,000 Followers on Twitter! Does it mean anything?

Give advantage to your practice with Tiyo’s social solutions for marketing, medical-commerce and support services.

We enable our customers to have continuous dialogue with their customers. We do that by harnessing the potential of Social Media Platforms.

We enable a continuous enablement of discussion between our customers and their customers, by which we address three most important issues that dogs any business:

  • World Class Patient Service
  • Enabling medical-commerce through Social Web
  • Build the brand reputation
Social Apps for your Website:
  • Customer Forums
  • Page Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Help Desk
  • Video Utilities
  • Questions 2 Answers
  • Own Social Network and Micro Blogging Platform
Turning Facebook & Twitter:
  • Customer Care through Tweet Assist
  • New Engagement and Announcements through FB Pages
  • Continuous # tags and Customer Circles
  • Managing the Demand Spikes Real Time
  • Managing Customer Service
  • Disseminating Information Real Time
  • Creation of Active, Vibrant Communities by Rewarding Top Contributors
  • The process of Cultivating Super-Likes through Popular Dynamics such as Social Reputation, Rank, and Privileges.
  • Social Intelligence
  • Actionable Social Intelligence
  • Robust Analytics for FB & Web. Adaptive Dashboard.
Additional Services:
  • Creation of Active, Vibrant Communities by Rewarding Top Contributors
  • The process of Cultivating Super-Likes through Popular Dynamics such as Social Reputation, Rank, and Privileges
  • Actionable Social Intelligence
  • Robust Analytics for FB & Web Adaptive Dashboard​

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