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Omni Digital Experience 2, Tiyo Canvas, India's Premier Digital Healthcare Solution Provider.
Care Experience Engineering
May 6, 2014
Omni Digital Experience 1, Tiyo Canvas, India's Premier Digital Healthcare Solution Provider.
Omni Digital Experience Suite
May 8, 2014
Omni Digital Experience, Tiyo Canvas, India's Premier Digital Healthcare Solution Provider.

Omni Digital Experience, Tiyo Canvas, India's Premier Digital Healthcare Solution Provider.


Best in Class Health Content for your Patients and their loved ones. Tiyo HealthView and Tiyo Fundaa Industries leading easy to understand and easy to use content system.


Use Case:

Building Care Experience through ubiquitous health Content.

Build using Tiyo Content Platform or license completely relatable content, curated and created by health professionals with 100% accuracy for your patients. Help them to engage with you better. Give them the power to understand the reasons for various health issues and also provide tips and tricks to solve issues, which may not require a great intervention.

Turn your reception wall in to a highly relatable experience center using the TV that beamed irrelevant content till now. Beam understandble, easy on eyes and compelling content that can help them undertand the various issues for which they are visiting your clinic. Customize content according to your speciality and build a strong ecosystem of engaged patients.

Use web, apps and private channels to show targeted content. Tiyo with its path breaking proprietary products Tiyo HealthView and Tiyo Fundaa has more than 150+ hours of library that can be syndicated or using the our Multichannel Content System build content that suits your clinic, practice or hospitals need.

Example Display Content for an Eye Clinic.

Tiyo HealthView & Fundaa are the Fitness and Wellness Tips Platform, that offers suggestions and advices to stay healthy and well. Get healthy dose of friendly health tips everyday from our internal and external teams, curated and delivered to keep you updated about general health issues.

Mobilize Information

Improve engagement and loyalty by enabling mobile access to existing patients or new care seekers, designed to improve relevancy and increased patient engagement.

Be Agile

Meet the demands of the mobile healthcare with reliable, secure, and agile processes and resources that support the growth and demands of the mobile care environment.

The care seeker is at the heart of our solution. We work with you to ensure that the right people access the right information, at right time, and at the right location.

With Tiyo's HealthView and Fundaa we offer a comprehensive suite of mobility solutions that address mobility needs from the perspective of care processes, infrastructure, applications and the end-users.​

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